Can you make me a 'insert crazy Request' ?

The answer to this question is usually always YES, but there are many things to consider before we can commit to any request, such as budget, deadline or our commission and staff schedules. If you are wanting to find out more about having us make something for you please feel free to use the relevant contact forms.  

How much does it cost to make a finished piece?

This is not an easy question to answer. Each project presents it own set of challenges and will require particular materials, processes and technology to complete them. As a result, it is very difficult to give a precise cost for any one project without doing some detailed research and calculations. 

A common mistake is for people to compare having something made to the price you might find a similar item in a store or online. A licensed prop replica of a space gun might sell for £100 in store, but the tooling to create that piece will have cost tens of thousands. This cost is covered by selling tens of thousands of units making a little profit on each unit. This is not how we operate. 

When we make something it usually takes weeks of effort using skills and knowledge collected over the better part of a decade. It's not uncommon to spend over 200 hours to create a single piece, which is around a month of solid work. In the UK the current minimum wage is £7.83 per hour, so this should give you an idea of the very minimum something might cost. On top of that you'd need to factor in materials, equipment, rent, services and all the other costs associated with running a business. 

When you hire us we aim to provide the very best work that we can do. We will strive to make the very best version of your chosen piece, using the best materials and technologies at our disposal. 

How long does it take to make a finished piece?

As already mentioned, each piece will present it own obstacles so it is very difficult to give a precise figure. A lot of our projects will require over 200 hours of work, but we may be working on several projects at one time. A project might require a month of effort but this may be done gradually over several months depending on our schedule, what materials or processes are required or our staffs availability. 

If you have a particular deadline we will always aim to meet it, but if you need it in a hurry you may very well need to pay more. 

Can you make me a full costume or Armour?

In short, yes. 
In reality, a full costume or suit of armour is a LOT of work that will require just as much planning, designing and testing as it will in build time. If you are serious about a full costume it will require a serious budget. 

Will you make me a Daft Punk helmet?

Yes, check here for details.

I have a custom design, will you make it for me?

Yes indeed.
Although we love making props and costumes it doesn't stop use from tackling projects that fall outside of this remit. If you have an original design or require some bespoke fabrication you can fill out the Bespoke Fabrication Request form 

Will you teach me how to make props? 

Of course!

Our collective knowledge is a combination of trial & error and emulating what other makers have been kind enough to share with the world, so we try to contribute as much as we can. We have a YouTube channel where you can see Tips and Tricks, Time Lapse builds and Tutorials. We also live stream on Twitch. 

If you are looking for something more personal, we offer live, hands on workshops from our studio in Glasgow. We cover everything from Life Casting, Props Making, Molding & Casting and even Painting & Weathering. You can find out more HERE

Can I have a Job?

Maybe . . . . 

Sorenzo Studios is a collective of creatives who we call upon when their talents meet the demands of the projects brief.  We never know what project we will be working on next, so we are always on the lookout for new talent. If you think you have got skills and would like to come tell us how amazing you are please get in touch. 

Do you take on Student Interns / Work Expereince?

Yes, we have taken on interns in the past and yes we do like to take on interns when we can but it is not always possible to do so. It very much depend on our current situation. 

If you would like to apply to intern please use the Contact Form to get in touch. 

Sadly we cannot take on anyone below the age of 18 due to current insurance regulations. 

Can you come to our event?

Yes, we would LOVE to attend your event.
We have a range of panel talks, workshops and demonstrations that can be run at external events, or we would be more than happy to create an activity tailored to you event.  More details, our rates and availability are available by request. Please get in touch using the Contact Form. 

Will you make me something in exchange for exposure?


Sadly, exposure doesn't by food, pay rent or keep us warm in the winter, so we'll just need to pass. 

For anything else please feel free to use the contact form