To ensure that we can deal with your enquiry as swiftly as possible we have created individual contact forms for each our services.

Please fill out the form that is best suited to your request.  If in doubt, simply fill out the Bespoke Fabrication form. 

If you like to talk to us about something more general than a commission, please use the  Contact Us form.  

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Replica Props

If you would like use to make a Replica Prop or Costume, whether its from a Movie or Video Game, so long as it's working from existing plans, files or imagery, this is the form for you. 


Trophies & Awards

If you would like us to make bespoke trophies, awards or medals for your event or competition, please fill out this form. 


Molding & Casting

If you have an existing part, product or a prototype that you would like us to mold and cast, please use this form.

If the part you would like mold and cast has not been created yet, please fill out the Bespoke Fabrication form below. 


Bespoke Fabrication

Would you like to have something unusual made?
Have you struggled to find someone who can make it?
Does it not fit into the above categories? 
Yes, this is the form for you.